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So · you · say...

...and I just can't believe it...

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As always, we are in absolute throes of preparation for our annual meeting. Submissions are arriving in absolute mounds and they are of such astonishing quality, we are having the most difficult time deciding how to refuse admission to such eager and spell-binding story-tellers and revisionists!

You, dear friends, I invite to assist in choosing the title for this year's publication, which will naturally consist of the most fabulous contributions to our work. The proceeds of our meeting, be it monological rants or the seemingly dialogic form preferred by some, must be titled with utmost care. We certainly desire for our work's plausibility and prestige not to be compromised by hasty or less-than-mesmerizing first impressions.

The theme of tabula rasa somehow imposes itself, but I would like to encourage all of you to think more fiercely about what all this project entails for all of us. This is, as you well know, about the proverbial return of the poultry driven by reproductive compulsion, or, more compellingly, about the constant revolution, the eternal goings and comings around, the constant flight if you will, of what. It is, however, also about the magical powers of freshness and new beginnings to steer that revolution into a straight line, an ellipsis, or even a square.

Do inform your community of appreciative revisionist thinkers and writers about what strikes you as the most appropriate tagline for such a critical project!
* * *
Those silly Canadians! What will they think of next?

For now, they seem to be issuing a challenge to us!

* * *
"For there is nothing either good or bad
But thinking makes it so"

In the revisionist spirit, it's time this motto be redone, especially with our meeting within sight! If you feel insecure that your story may not be on par, do start big! Do the genius!

Constant practice will let us achieve that spectacular smoothness we all dream of...

"Thinking"? No need! Replace! Right? Good? It will be right if you say it's right.

Many a time have thinking and remembering hampered our progress and development! Fearless revisionism is what we're after: bards, plebs, girls, boys, princes and queens! The world is us!
* * *
Not much was learned about copyright law on Monday in Britain's High Court, where the author Dan Brown is defending himself against charges that he stole the central themes of The Da Vinci Code from another book.

Read here how amateurs are ruining the reputation of seasoned pros like ourselves.

* * *
Dearer, much dearer, and dearest!

Here is our invitation for your contributions to our annual meeting of writers for whom no limits are anchored in reality!

Our theme for this year is The Way I've Always Been!

You can interpret this theme widely, but I know you will recognize that the challenge is greatest when one is to prove consistency over time when there is so little of it one can bear to live with for a long time. It is true that recognition is not precisely what we usually do. We are, as always, more interested in misrecognition and complete lack of recognition. But this is where it gets interesting! When being gets tough, the tough start being! So, Can you possibly be real??

Preference will be given to the most extreme submissions in which the most talented authors repeatedly shun all known company and strike at it all alone. The most severe audience selection and management will be awarded by our annual Bachless Fugue prize.

This is why anything and everything will go! Props abound in this fertile environment and I do earnestly and fiercely hope that you will make full use of them, until they are sapped dry.

Of course, in preparation for this momentous event, some of you might consider adopting a new, comprehensive regime of self-representation (political and legal as well!) and shed a few pounds or change that all-important haircut! We all know how important it is to lead a total war against the old regime of representation!

Matters of accommodating and matters of consumption (what and/or who you'd like to ingest while in good company) we must leave for a separate post since these are too important to be so neglectfully treated as to be meshed up with the more elegant business of just being whatever you please.
* * *
* * *
Our lovely friend people_r_props recently mentioned our meeting place to the whole wide world as a guiding light in creating convincing histories. We are always glad to prop up projects that affirm our own, and it is fantastic to know how one can hear one's own words from other people so frequently and easily.

Now, so as not to disregard the contributions of our other valuable writers, I would like us to encourage all of us to say a word or two about the stunning work (and looks) of haymarket_riot, whose stories are so sleek and seamless and beautifully put together (as is haymarket_riot's person, as that user pic clearly shows) that one can hardly believe it!

If you were wondering how you can create a perfect symbiosis of good looks and factoids that hold, you should look up to haymarket_riot! If ever there was a history without any scars showing, this is it! It projects the perfect balance of amnesia and remembering by fiat. The god's eye of that history persists in all parts of this valuable project and we can only learn from its faultless execution.

We do hope that haymarket_riot finds time to submit one of the stories for our annual congress in Burkina Faso,  about which I will inform you later in more heart-wrenching detail.
* * *
Happenstance plays such a vital rôle in scholarship, ours included; I'll save the fascinating anecdote of my discovery of this new exciting self-contradictor for the conference panel presentation I am already envisioning around this new voice.

In the meantime it is indeed most verily my decided honor and multidisciplinarily informed privilege to introduce to you gathered here: o_soul_of_me_o. The seed of potentiality realized in this nascence recalls intimations of emotive eruptivity such as we have not seen in recent history apart from the apex of the introspectionality delineated in the latest outburst of astonishingly excellent flatulative expressivity from hollow_gram. Please join me in welcoming this newest member to our circle of mutual near-palindromic reflection! This writing has the heart, the soul, and the execution of both!

Refreshments will be served in comments afterwards, and the presentation will no doubt achieve heights of memorability heretofore unseen by human eyes or other.
* * *
My dears, it appears!
That we are the only place in this entire universe where writers can meet in order to express (mmmmm -- expresssssion!!) their understanding of the profound and undeniable connections between seemingly unrelated issues. We are the ONLY ones who see clearly the links between self-invention, fabrication, forgery, lying, immaculate conception, truth in advertising AND joylessness!

Is NOONE ELSE interested in joylessness? Why in the world NOT?

Is it because we are so special? How did we get to be this great? Does noone realize how productive joylessness is of new and ever more exciting!!! histories and lives?

Somebody, anybody! Why are we aloooone on the cutting edge?

* * *
It is simply gorgeous how this community grows. We have two faaaabulous new friends in this community of writers, both absolutely superbly talented at confabulation.

The goal of this community is to succeed in pointing to the most astonishing ways in which historical fiction can be written in completely convincing ways. Sometimes it's good audience that doesn't know any history that makes our jobs easier. Sometimes it's the sheer story-telling skill and imagination! Drama! Melodrama! Science fiction! Thriller! Horror!

We hope you will join us soon and share with us the history of your success -- the fascinating stories you managed to tell people over the years without wincing, while you either did or did not know whether they were exactly true. Sometimes the temptation to have lived somebody else's life is too overwhelming -- that much we know (so don't tell us that part)...

The presence of our most recent member, the fortunate owner of the surgically lightened burden of memory, reminds us that there are such various paths we take to this place where we re-invent our past.

Do tell us what the fuck compels you to come back to it!
* * *
Why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that.” Barbara Bush

I find I can not help but pity people like you. Though I struggle daily, my life is bound by the gratitude I feel knowing that I am not like you – I am not alone. Every day I make someone’s breakfast, and though he rarely thanks me, he always eats it. In this we are together. Every day I bend myself to the whim and the will of my lover, and though my lovers change, in this we are always together.

Because to become you if what I fear most and because you are what I hate most, I offer you these scraps of my imagined self, feast upon them and become something like me. Or, at the very least, become something I can bear to imagine.

* * *
* * *